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Archive for the Funny Category

May 15

Riches + Righteousness = Sadness

2010 | by Ryan Kelly | Category: Funny,This Sunday

That’s what Jesus says in this Sunday’s passage, Luke 18:18-30 — the story of the rich, young ruler. Despite his riches and religious accolades, the story ends with the man going away sad, confused, and lost. Jesus then tells the disciples that rich people getting saved is about as easy as shoving a fat camel through the eye of a needle.

Invite a friend this Sunday as we talk about how God does the impossible.

Camel > Needle

May 7

Mini-Van = Swagger Wagon

2010 | by Ryan Kelly | Category: Funny

Here’s a little something to encourage those of you who fight depression about owning a mini-van. At DSC, I bet we could go toe-to-toe with about any church for most mini-vans per capita. And then we have that runner-up demographic of twenty-somethings with one or two kids, still resolved to never give into the sliding back doors and three dozen cup holders. If that’s you, take a look at your inevitable future.

HT: 22 Words

Oct 19

What’s the Point of This Map?

2009 | by Ryan Kelly | Category: Funny

…unless you’re living in one of the few states where H1N1 isn’t rampant.


May 28

Should We Use Twitter during Church?

2009 | by Ryan Kelly | Category: Funny,Miscellaneous,Recommended Link

Josh Harris makes a good case for resisting the temptation to tweet during the worship service … further proving the connection between the words twitter and twit (Merriam-Webster: \twit\ noun: a silly annoying person).

May 14

A Tempting PhD Alternative

2009 | by Ryan Kelly | Category: Funny

Some of you know I’m a part-time (very part-time) PhD student. It really is quite a lot of work and time, and seems like it’ll never come to an end. I wonder if I should consider this alternative:

McDonald’s plans to offer ‘McPhDs’ to boost staff training … under plans to attract more university graduates into burger bar management.



May 11

Twitter? Not Me

2009 | by Ryan Kelly | Category: Funny,Miscellaneous

My, how the Twitter thing has caught on. I keep being asked if I’m on it, or when I’m going to start. There are many reasons I don’t want to “tweet”:

1) I already think about myself and what I am doing (or not doing but should be) too much. Definitely don’t need to further facilitate it; even publicize it.

2) The only interesting thing I do is for the government, and I can’t tell you about it.

3) My name is already taken by this guy (no, not me).

the other ryan kelly

UPDATE: Here’s another, more lengthy and more substantial, reason by Seth Word: Blog is Dead. And Twitter killed it.


Apr 9

New Benny Hinn Video Remix

2009 | by Ryan Kelly | Category: Funny,Recommended Link

There’s a good chance that I’ll get some hate-mail for posting this on our church blog, but I can’t refuse. It’s just a perfect song and editing job of some Benny Hill — oops! I mean, Benny Hinn — healing highlights.

A qualifier: if you’re still wondering whether Benny Hinn’s ministry is legitimate — and I say this in all love — DSC may not be the church for you.

If you’re still reading, have a good laugh at this holy mockery.

And then weep that this bafoonery bears the name of our Christ. God help us!

By the way, how is it that the “catchers” never get knocked over by Benny Hinn’s magical arm waves? I’m just saying.

P.S. There’s also the swinging suit coat version here.