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Feb 18

The Link List, 2/18/13

2013 | by Trent Hunter | Category: Link List

A Personal Liturgy of Confession” (David Powlison)

David Powlison with another always insight article, this time on the subject of confession of sin to God. He walks us through a liturgy of confession.

How Could God Command Genocide in the Old Testament?” (Justin Taylor)

That’s an important question. Here’s Justin Taylor’s explanation of what he sees in Scripture.

Churches Torched in Egypt” (Christian Today)

Read this article and pray for Christians suffering under persecution in Egypt.

Top 10 Reasons Our Kids Leave Church” (Marc)

Every godly Christian wants to see the next generation embrace the gospel. Mark at 5solas helps us think through where the church can grow in its ministry to young people.

Lecrae Raps the Gospel in One Minute” (Desiring God)

Listen to this great summary of what the gospel is in the form of a rap you will like if you are breathing.

Three Kinds of Accusation” (Doug Wilson)

Some helpful reflections on how our liberation from guilt, shame, and fear in the gospel transforms our relationships.

Generic Prayer Request Generator” (Zach Nielsen)

Just in case you need some help with prayer.

How To Stop Church-Killing Gossip” (Justin Taylor)

Why are we enticed to gossip and why is it so damaging?

Piper, Carson, and Keller on Sustaining the Covenant of Marital Love” (Collin Hansen)

A short video trying to answer: “What sustains the marital bond and affections over the long haul?”

Feb 11

The Link List, 2/11/13

2013 | by Trent Hunter | Category: Link List

One of our purposes on this blog is to point out some of the better resources around the web in a given week. The Link List is a new way of getting that done. Here’s the first installment!

Advice For Parenting Young Kids” (Steve McCoy)

A pastor from Illinois and father of four shares some wise counsel for parents of young children.

Do You Know Your Neighbors’ Names?” (Justin Taylor)

Are you eager to do something big and evangelistic? Here’s an idea.

How’s Your Bible Reading Going?” (Ryan Kelly)

Why is it hard for me to read my Bible? Ryan Kelly offers a few suggestions for why we struggle with Bible reading and offers help for pursuing God through his Word.

What is Church Membership?” (9Marks Ministries)

DSC’s Membership Class, Knowing Christ, Knowing the Church, began this past week. Be in prayer for those taking the class, and consider the wisdom of God’s plan to redeem people to himself for a people for his name.

Confessions from a New Mom’s Devotional Life” (Sharon Miller)

A new mom reflects on how the pressures of parenting impact how she approaches Bible reading.

Happy 100th Birthday, Mrs. Parks,” Justin Taylor

Here’s a nice write up by Justin Taylor about the story of Civil Rights heroine, Rosa Parks.