Apr 28

Clarus Write-Up in the ABQ Journal

2009 | by Ryan Kelly | Category: Gospel

It’s been a few days since, but in case you missed it, The Albuquerque Journal wrote a nice piece about our Clarus conference.

In it, Tom Lambelet, Pastor of Faith Church in Rio Rancho, gave us some props (or cred or … whatever the kids call it these days):

Pastor Tom Lambelet of Faith Church in Rio Rancho is bringing a group from his church for the second year in a row. The church provided tickets for those in leadership positions. “We see this as a real rich opportunity to hear deep teaching and theology,” he said. “It’s a real quality thing (Desert Springs) is doing.”

Thanks, Tom! Looking forward to seeing you and others from Faith.

The rest of the article is available online here if you’re interested (FYI: it’s free, but you have to click on “Trial Premium Pass” and watch a brief ad, then you can “Enter ABQ Journal” and read the article…if you’re not already an ABQ Journal online subscriber).