Oct 20

These Books Are Money

2009 | by Parker Landis | Category: Books,Sermon Follow-Up

these_books_are_moneyAs a follow-up to Ryan’s sermon on money, here are four great books about money and giving.

  • The Treasure Principle, by Randy Alcorn, is a short book that we have available for free at the resource center.  This book is about seeking joy through giving; it is a challenging, but exciting, devotional-type book.  If you read only one book from this list, this is the one I would recommend.
  • Another short and easy read is In God We Trust, by Michael Haykin, also available at the resource center.  This book was written as an evaluation of the current financial crisis, specifically answering the questions, “What is God trying to tell us in the midst of this crisis?” and “How should we respond in a financial crisis?”
  • Slightly longer is Randy Alcorn’s, Money, Possessions, and Eternity.  This book provides a more comprehensive view of money and possessions than either of the previous books, and calls Christians to rethink their perspectives in a biblical light.  This is a great reference book to have around when you’re wondering what the bible teaches about anything from tithing and helping the poor to gambling, debt, and investing.
  • One further resource, which Ryan mentioned during the sermon, is Juliet Schor’s, The Overspent American.  Although this isn’t a Christian book, it still provides a helpful evaluation of consumerism and the mechanics of desire in our marketing-driven culture.