Dec 11

The Man: A Call to Fight for Biblical Manhood

2010 | by Trent Hunter | Category: Events

On Saturday, August 7, over 300 men gathered at Desert Springs Church for a men’s conference, The Man: A Call to Fight for Biblical Manhood. Dave Bruskas, this year’s conference speaker, preached to this group of men from three churches, including Mars Hill Church, Desert Springs Church, and Trinity at the Marketplace.

The audio for this conference is now available for download and includes two panel discussions and three talks with Dave:

In a sentence, Dave’s purpose was to show “everything it means to be a Biblical man has to do with the preeminence of Jesus.” In his third talk, Dave gave three word pictures to describe how men often treat the church:

  1. Some people treat the church like a waitress. If a waitress brings us enough good stuff, you might even give her a tip.
  2. Some people treat the church like maid. For instance, let’s say you’re on vacation, and you might think it’s okay for the kids to eat gooey chocolate in bed and leave towels on the floor and the kitchen a mess. You’d never do that stuff at home. This kind of person thinks it’s up to the church to clean up his mess. He’s strictly a “taker.” It’s okay to come to church broken, but it is not okay to stay broken. It’s okay to come deep in sin, but it’s not okay to stay deep in sin.
  3. Some people treat the church like a porn star. That is, they treat the church like a virtual relationship. If a man has a relationship with an electronic image, he doesn’t have to pay for her dinner, raise kids with her, work through conflict and differences, etc. Some men want to stream a sermon podcast from a church across the country without investing anything in a church in town.