Jun 27

Audio for July: “90 Days Through the New Testament”

2011 | by Trent Hunter | Category: Recommended Link

We’ve been listening through the New Testament together for almost a month now. At the beginning of June we posted a list and links to audio for that month. We hope that’s been helpful, along with the daily links on Facebook. Below is a list and links for listening for the month of July.

But first, a note about the books of Mark and Luke.

Christianity Explained

Two Sundays ago, when Clint Moore preached from the book of Mark, you’ll remember a resource that he highlighted called Christianity Explained, a great resource for introducing someone to the story and significance of Jesus’ life and death in six studies. It’s $15.00 online and that’s what we’ve been charging, but going forward we’re selling it at the Resource Center for $8.00. We want you to have it, use it, and share it. If you bought a copy in the last few weeks, we’re happy to refund you the difference. We hope this tool serves you as you spread the gospel of Christ.

The Gospel of Luke

Also, a note about the Gospel of Luke. As the summer unfolds, Sunday sermons will roughly follow where we are at in our listening. Due to our 90 day timeline, we won’t be able to hit every book. The Gospel of Luke is one of those. However, since Ryan preached through the book of Luke from 2008-2010, we’ve chewed on this book before as a church. If you’d like to supplement your listening through Luke with a few sermons, take advantage of Ryan’s first and last messages from that series:

Audio for July

July 1 Catch-up Day
July 2 Luke 23-24
July 3 John 1-3
July 4 John 4-5
July 5 John 6-7
July 6 John 8-9
July 7 John 10-11
July 8 John 12-13
July 9 John 14-16
July 10 John 17-18
July 11 John 19-20
July 12 John 21Acts 2
July 13 Acts 3-5
July 14 Acts 6-8
July 15 Acts 9-10
July 16 Acts 11-13
July 17 Acts 14-16
July 18 Acts 17-19
July 19 Acts 20-21
July 20 Acts 22-24
July 21 Acts 25-26
July 22 Acts 27-28
July 23 Romans 1-3
July 24 Romans 4-7
July 25 Romans 8-10
July 26 Romans 11-14
July 27 Romans 151 Corinthians 1
July 28 1 Corinthians 2-6
July 29 1 Corinthians 7-9
July 30 1 Corinthians 10-12
July 31 1 Corinthians 13-15

For an overview of the plan, visit the landing page or download the brochure.