Jun 9

Sermon Follow-up: “God Speaks in the Order of Biblical Books”

2011 | by Trent Hunter | Category: Sermon Follow-Up

In Sunday’s sermon, “God Speaks in the Order of Biblical Books,” Ron opened up our summer-long series God Speaks, We listen: Through the New Testament in 90 Days Together. As you know, we’re listening or reading through the New Testament as a church at a rate of about 12 minutes a day. Instructions for obtaining audio are available here, and audio is posted daily to DSC’s Facebook Page. If you haven’t started yet, just pick up with today’s reading and go from there.

On Sunday, Ron shared a few slides giving the order of the Bible’s books. A Pdf of what he shared is available here. If you weren’t with us on Sunday but plan to listen, this should help you do so, as Ron spent a good portion of his sermon expanding on the order and arrangement of the Bible.

At the close of his sermon, Ron also gave some great suggestions to help you not only listen to the New Testament, but to listen to the New Testament well. Here they are:

  1. As you listen to, or read through, a book in the New Testament, see if you can figure out what question the book is trying to answer.
  2. Make a list of one or two key verses in each book.
  3. As you listen to a book, chapter by chapter, write down what that book is teaching about Christ.