Jun 3

Tornados, Tears, and Resurrection

2011 | by Trent Hunter | Category: Recommended Link

At The Gospel Coalition Blog, David Schrock has written a helpful reflection on the recent devastation in Joplin, Missouri, by tornado. Schrock’s article, “The Words of Christ and Midwest Storms,” begins this way:

When the winds raged and the waves threatened, the disciples awoke Jesus with fear in their hearts. Jesus arose, stood on the storm-tossed boat and spoke three simple words, “Peace!  Be still!” The winds ceased and the storm ended faster than it came (Mark 4:39).

In that moment, the terrified fishermen were more frightened by the man in their presence with the power to subdue nature than they were of drowning under the heavy waves. God’s Son in human form had just displayed his divine power, and that with a word.  On that lakeside journey, Jesus stopped the storm with a sentence. On May 22, in Joplin, Missouri, he didn’t.

For the disciples, Jesus stopped the storm and it led to a question of his identity: “Who then is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him?” (4:41). For the survivors in Joplin, the question is different. For them and for anyone staggering from a recent world-halting tragedy, the question is closer to that of the Psalmist, “How long oh Lord? How long will you hide your face from me?” (Ps 13:1). Because Jesus word did not stop the storm before it hit last week, there is now the need for Jesus word to come speak “Peace. Be Still.”

With such a need in mind, let me suggest four words from God’s Word that I pray may bring a biblical perspective to those bruised and broken by the storm, and to those ministering to them.

The rest of Schrock’s reflections fall under these headings:

  • An Unspoken, Tear-Filled Word
  • A Word of Resurrection Life
  • A Word of Sadness and Sober Judgment
  • A Word of Repentance to the Rest

This is an important word for all of us as we look in on this and other such tragedies. Read the whole thing here.

If you’d like to give toward the care of these people through God’s people in that city, The Journey from St. Louis and Mystery Church in Joplin are partnering to raise funds and strategically serve that community for the gospel. You can give online. If you give through DSC, use a missions envelope and designate “Tornado.” Any checks received by DSC will be directed there.