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Jul 28

“The Word on Parenting” – Parenting Seminar Audio

2011 | by Trent Hunter | Category: Recommended Resources

Just about one month ago now, Fred Zaspel joined us for a Parenting Seminar weekend, “The Word on Parenting.” Over the months of June and July we’ve featured a number of helpful parenting resources, and shortly after the weekend, we posted a list of Fred’s personal resource recommendations to the blog.

Now, if you weren’t able to join us, the seminar audio is available as well. Fred delivered three talks during this time with us, each of them on a different aspect of faithful Christian parenting, and each of them equally important.

On the subject of family worship in particular, there are a number of helpful resources available. John and Neol Piper have published an article they’ve written, called, “The Family: Together in God’s Presence.” You can pick this up in pamphlet form for not cost at the Resource Center, or read it online here. In his series from 2008, Proverbs: Wisdom for the Home, Ryan preached a helpful sermon on the subject, “The Family Together in Corporate Worship.” Finally, Fred Zaspel personally recommends an article by Jim Eliff that he’s found helpful, “The Heart of Family Reformation.

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