Jan 30

Clarus ’11 Q&A with Carl Trueman and Greg Beale (Part 1 of 3)

2012 | by Trent Hunter | Category: Clarus 11

With Clarus ’12 a little over one month away, we’ve decided to whet your appetite for this year’s conference with some clips from last year’s Q&A with speakers G.K. Beale and Carl Trueman. Over the next few weeks we will release three post of five videos each from the Q&A on last year’s conference theme, “Scripture: God Speaks.

Question 1: What is the relationship between Jesus as the Word and Scripture?

Question 2: What is the relationship between the nature of God/Scripture?

Question 3: Is Scripture personal or propositional?

Question 4: Historically, what are the most essential Christian beliefs?

Question 5: How did the Bible become the Bible?

Visit the Clarus page for more information or to register for this year’s conference, “The Cross-Shaped Christian Life,” with D.A. Carson and Fred Zaspel, March 9-11.