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Feb 1

Clarus ’11 Q&A with Carl Trueman and Greg Beale (Part 2 of 3)

2012 | by Trent Hunter | Category: Clarus 11

Yesterday we posted part one of a three part blog series with videos from the Q&A with G.K. Beale and Carl Trueman on last year’s conference theme, “Scripture: God Speaks.” What follows are videos 6-10:

Question 6: Are some Bible stories just borrowed myths?

Question 7: Are there contradictions in the Bible?

Question 8: Why do we call the Bible inerrant?

Question 9: Is the Bible clear? If so why so many denominations?

Visit the Clarus page for more information or to register for this year’s conference, “The Cross-Shaped Christian Life,” with D.A. Carson and Fred Zaspel, March 9-11.