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Mar 4

Clarus Is Sold Out, and What That Means

2013 | by Trent Hunter | Category: Clarus 13


We are pleased to share that Clarus has officially sold out!

This is a simple truth, but with deep meaning. Not really. But we would like to tease out some of what this means for this weekend’s conference.

First, this means that more people will be with us than in previous years.

That’s wonderful. A full house is exciting when you’re almost anywhere: a concert, a baseball game, a movie. But a full house to hear the Word of God is the fruit of the work of God in the lives of the souls of those who come. May each person leave filled with a vision of God and love for his church.

Second, this means that some people who hoped to attend will be at home. 

That’s a sad thought! We want you to know that saying “no” by publishing the “Sold Out” banner this morning was met with a frown by the planning team, since we know that some will be left out. Thank you for understanding.

This means that we won’t be selling registrations at the door this year. And, just to be clear, only those whose names are written in the Clarus book of registration will be able to participate in the conference. So, even if you are going to one session, you can’t let someone else attend in your place. God is glorified in your problem-solving creativity, though!

For those who aren’t able to join us at Clarus, the conference audio will be available at the Clarus site early next week.

Third, this means that we need to use every seat.

Plan to sit next to someone. That’s right: no seat between you and that person you don’t know. It’s okay. Scoot in. And even consider siting in the very, very front row. This is unheard of on Sunday, but go ahead and give it a try at the conference.

Also, don’t make plans to save seats for your friends. Here’s what we mean. You can save seats for a person who came in the room with you and put their stuff down with you. But you will not be able to save seats for people with whom you hoped to meet up with. Ushers will be around to help with seating ahead of and shortly into each session.

With that, let’s look forward to being with one another in the Word this Friday through Sunday at Clarus. Oh, and if you weren’t able to register in time, still come on Sunday for our regular Worship Services with Paul Tripp preaching.