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Apr 22

Boston, Getting to Church on Time, and John Piper (The Link List, 4/22/13)

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A Prayer about the Entanglements of Pornography” (Scotty Smith)

Here’s a heartfelt and helpful prayer for those ensnared in the destructive sin of pornography.

The Boston Bombers Were Outside Their House” (Matt Smethurst)

The shoot out that took down Suspect #1 happened right outside the home of believers, Stephen and Emily McAlpin. Here’s their story.

The Explosion in Texas and Fatherhood” (Grant Castleberry)

Over at the new CBMW site, Grant Castleberry reflects on the death of his father, fatherlessness, and tragedies like last week’s explosion in West Texas.

Courtroom horror” (World Magazine)

Andrée Seu Peterson, reporting on the Gosnell murder trial, reflects on a conversation with her 81 year old mother to show the moral contradiction in the legality of abortion.

How Mollie Hemingway Introduced the Nation to Kermit Gosnell” (Trevin Wax)

Trevin Wax shows how the Gosnell story gained traction in the mainstream media.

Get to Church Early” (Joe Thorn)

Chicago area pastor, Joe Thorn, gives us some good reasons to make a priority of being on time to church.

The Legacy of John Piper in the Lives of Real People” (Desiring God)

After 33 years at Bethlehem Baptist Church, John Piper has retired from his preaching post, though not from ministry. Here’s a nice video tribute put together by his church.

Thanks to the Bethlehem Staff” (John Piper)

Also related to Piper’s retirement, here’s a encouraging read. This is a personal thank you from Pastor Piper to his staff.

The Mystery of the Tiny Door in a Tree” (Joe Rosato, Jr.)

Five dollars from me personally (Trent Hunter) to anyone to visits this tree and brings home a picture of themselves in front of it.