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May 2

Help For Reading the Bible

2013 | by Trent Hunter | Category: Sermon Follow-Up

Sunday morning’s sermon, “Like Newborn Infants…” was about our need for the Bible. We need the Bible like infants need milk. This requires the devotion of our time to actually reading our Bibles.

Few people could say that same thing better than D.A. Carson. Here’s an excerpt from his book, Love in Hard Places.

“Christians must recapture the Bible-reading habits of some earlier generations. . . . The impact of the cultural pressures upon us, not least from the media, is so devastatingly great that only a mind steeped in thinking God’s thoughts after him will begin to withstand the onslaught. What this demands of every believer who can red is devoted, reverent  disciplined reading and rereading of the Word of God, a reading discharged in an attitude of eager attentiveness. And what such reading presupposes is time. I am not trying to impose a new legalism. I am sadly aware that it is possible to read the Bible a gerat deal and merely become self-righteous or wallow in unbelief; but I doubt that it is possible to obey the fist command without reading the Bible a great deal.”

In this post we would like to link to a number of helpful articles, books, and resources for helping you read your Bible better. Each book mentioned below is available at Amazon, with a link provided, but also at DSC within a dollar or two of Amazon pricing at the Book Nook.

Bibles and Bible Study Helps

  • If you have a commute or time for listening in general, there are several ways to listen to the Bible. Check out the ESV Bible online or download audio from Faith Comes By Hearing.
  • There are many fine translations, but at DSC we use the ESV Bible published by Crossway, available online, or at DSC for 40% off at the Book Nook.
  • Bible study booklets can also be helpful for helping walk you through a book of the Bible with thoughtful questions. The “John Stott Bible Study” series is worth checking out, along with Crossway’s new, “Knowing the Bible” series.

Resources for those who aren’t Christians

  • If you are new to the Bible, start with the book of John.
  • For some, an introduction to the Bible’s basic message and teaching will be especially helpful. Two great first reads are, John Stott’s, Basic Christianity, and, J.I. Packer’s, Knowing God.
  • For a brief online presentation of the heart of the Bible, the gospel message, check out “Two Ways to Live.”

Bible Reading Plans

  • For the Love of God (Vol. 1, Vol. 2) is a two volume series of books written by D.A. Carson providing daily reading to supplement the M’Cheyne reading plan. This plan assigns reading to days, so it is the easiest to begin this plan at the head of the year, but you could also jump in now.
  • For a reading plan without dates assigned, look into The Bible Reading Record, by Don Whitney. It’s a simple list of every chapter in the Bible. With this, you can read at whatever pace you like and keep track of what you’ve read until you’re through the Bible.

Encouragement for Reading the Bible

Help for Interpreting the Bible