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Jun 27

God’s Restraining Grace in the Division of Languages

2013 | by Trent Hunter | Category: Sermon Follow-Up

At last night’s Lord’s Supper service, we looked at a familiar story from Genesis 11:1-9, in the sermon, “The Tower of Babel and the Triumph of Christ.”

Here’s an interesting insight from John Piper on God’s restraining grace in the division of language:

God’s division of the world into different languages hinders the rise of a global, monolithic anti-Christian state that would have the power to simply wipe out all Christians. We often think that the diversity of languages and cultures and peoples and political states is a hindrance to world evangelization—the spread of Christ’s glory. That’s not the way God sees it. God is more concerned about the dangers of human uniformity than he is about human diversity. We humans are far too evil to be allowed to unite in one language or one government. The gospel of the glory of Christ spreads better and flourishes more becauseof 6,500 languages, not just in spite of it.