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Aug 8

New Sermon Series: “Yahweh”

2013 | by Trent Hunter | Category: Gospel

Last Sunday, we began a new sermon series, titled, Yahweh.

If you are new to the Bible, that would have to be the most obscure title for a sermon series imaginable. But even for those familiar with Scripture, the context and significance of God’s personal name, translated “Lord” in most Bibles (note the small caps), is still largely uncharted territory. “Yahweh,” though, is used hundreds of times throughout Scripture and it is often joined with other words in order to commemorate a significant moment in the Bible’s salvation story.

On Sunday mornings through September 8, we’re going to look at six of these names together. Here they are:

  • August 4 – “The Lord Provides,” by Ron Giese
  • August 11 – “The Lord, Your Healer,” by Trent Hunter
  • August 18 – “The Lord of Hosts,” by Trent Hunter
  • August 25 – “The Lord Is Peace,” by Nathan Sherman
  • September 1 – “The Lord, Our Righteousness,” by Trent Hunter
  • September 8 – “The Lord Is There,” by Trent Hunter

God is manifold in his perfections and he focuses the revelation of his character and his saving purposes, in part, through his name. For that reason, we have much to look forward to over the next month.

For an introduction to the significance of this name, listen to or watch Ron’s sermon, “The Lord Provides.”

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