Dec 12

Shop for Christmas On Amazon, Support DSC

2013 | by Trent Hunter | Category: Administrative

Did you know that when you shop on Amazon you can also support DSC?

Amazon is one of the amazing success stories of the internet. With a long view for the growth of their business, they have become a primary way many of us shop for Christmas gifts and just about anything throughout the year.

This Christmas when you purchase gifts on Amazon, there are three ways to make around 5% of those purchases go to DSC.

First, you can search Amazon through the widget on our Resources page. Anything you buy having entered Amazon through that search widget will count for DSC.

Second, you can add a simple code to the end of a product page URL before you add something to your cart. Here it is: “/desesprichur-20”. Don’t include those quotation marks, just the forward slash and the text that follows. Save this little code somewhere handy and paste it into your browser as you make purchases across the year. Here’s an example of a URL link for an ESV Study Bible:

Third, and perhaps the easiest way to go about this, you can book mark this link in your browser and use it to get to Amazon. By entering Amazon via this bookmark you setup, all of your Amazon shopping will count toward DSC.

This is hardly the most important post we will publish to the blog this year, and this is hardly a substantive means for any of us to support the important work of God in the local church. But since we’re buying gifts anyway, and since this is quite easy to do, we thought we’d let you know.