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What is The Gospel Coalition?

2014 | by Trent Hunter | Category: Recommended Link

Perhaps you have been around DSC for a while and you’ve asked yourself that question. What is The Gospel Coalition (TGC)? Is it a denomination? What is it?

Well, it’s not a denomination. DSC is a local church without ties to any outside governing body. But we are happy to partner with other like-minded churches here and abroad for the sake of the gospel, and that’s what TGC helps us do. It’s a network of pastors and churches committed to the gospel and to its spreading. This network is grounded in a few Foundation Documents, including a Confessional Statement and a Theological Vision for Ministry. Click here to read both.

TGC has a rich website, which serves the broader church with articles on cultural and theological issues, book reviews, a sermon and resource catalogue, and a web hub for TGC conferences and TGC’s global missions effort, International Outreach.

Here in Albuquerque, since Ryan is a council member for TGC, DSC regularly hosts meetings for a network of area pastors who are part of Albuquerque’s TGC Chapter. They meet to pray, discuss Scripture, and offer help to one another in the work of ministry. Click here to check out the chapter’s new website. And, of course, DSC’s annual theology conference, Clarus, is also a TGC regional conference and hosted in partnership with Albuquerque’s chapter.

Enough text. Here are two videos to help put this partnership in context for you, the second of which was recently published at the TGC Blog and features Ryan Kelly.

Founding TGC council members answer the question, “What is The Gospel Coalition?”

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Ryan Kelly discusses the historical background for a church network like TGC

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