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Feb 28

Studio Recording: “Lord, We Come to Hear Your Word”

2014 | by Trent Hunter | Category: Music and Singing

There’s a song we will sing on Sunday that you know well. We sing it from time to time as a prayer of illumination before the sermon. It’s a song to help us ask God for ears to hear and hears to love what he has said in his Word.

What you might not know is that Drew and some of DSC’s musicians recorded this song and it’s available for download here. Name your price and it’s yours.

Here are the words:

Lord, We Come to Hear Your Word

1. Lord, we come to hear Your Word;
Shine Your light! Unsheathe Your sword!
Send Your Spirit forth in pow’r;
Come and bless Your church this hour.

We confess, our thoughts have strayed;
Minds distracted and dismayed;
On the Son, fix now each thought;
Help us worship as we ought.

2. Lord, as we prepare to hear,
wake each soul, unstop each ear;
Conquer every stubborn heart;
Mercy, saving grace impart.

We confess, without Your grace,
vain our efforts in this place;
Send illumination’s light;
Open eyes and give us sight.

3. Lord, we lift up to Your care
him who stands now to declare
truth that teaches, warns, consoles;
Bless this feast to feed our souls.

For Your Word, O Lord, we yearn;
Empty, let it not return;
Come, accomplish all Your will;
Draw, convict, give life, and fill.

Words: Kenneth A Puls, ©1998, Music: Drew Hodge

Of course, these are perfect words to sing before the sermon, but they are also words for us to pray and sing every day. Visit the DSC Store and Bandcamp Page for a number of other songs and albums recorded at DSC.