Mar 15

Session 3 Recap: Phillips, “Contentment Found: Jesus Saves and Satisfies”

2014 | by Tim Bradley | Category: Clarus 14

Editor’s Note: Tim Bradley is Pastor for Biblical Counseling and Family Ministry at Desert Springs Church in Albuquerque, NM. This post is a summary of Rick Phillips’ message from Saturday morning at Clarus, March 15, “Contentment Found: Jesus Saves and Satisfies,” from John 4:10-15.


Pastor Rick Phillips began his message in giving the account of the Spanish explorer Ponce de León and his quest for the fountain of youth. De León could have saved much time and effort by simply opening the Bible.

Pastor Phillips’ primary text from John 4 focused on the interaction between Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well and their discussion of living water.  This well-known account from the gospel of John shows that there is a fountain of satisfaction and eternal life, but it is not found in the well itself; it is found in the man who sat on the well – the Lord Jesus.  Jesus reveals himself to the Samaritan woman as the fountain of living water, and that this fountain is available to all who will come and drink.

The Gospel Offer in Jesus’ Offer of Living Water

Pastor Phillips explained that Jesus summarizes the gospel in two simple points as he makes this offer of living water to the woman.

1) Jesus says to her, “If you knew the gift of God…” He says to her that she needs to know the gift of God, which is life! Eternal life!  Jesus focuses her on truth that God is the giver of life, and that he offers life as a gift.

2) Jesus also explains the simple gospel as Himself.  He says to her, “If you knew who it is who says to you…”  Jesus tells her that she needs to know him, and that he himself is the giver of this living water.

Jesus offers her life in himself and says, “If you would ask, I would give it to you!”

A Revealing Response to His Offer

Like many through the ages, this Samaritan woman was spiritually unable to see and understand.  She was thinking only in physical terms.  “[Jesus] was speaking of salvation, and she was thinking plumbing” – believing that Jesus lacked the ability to give her what she needed. And unfortunately many of us think similar thoughts about him today.

But Jesus tells this woman, “Everyone who drinks this water will thirst again.”  Pastor Phillips said, “Thirst is one of the strongest cravings we have, and thirst will torment you until you are satisfied.”  Jesus wanted this woman to know that our souls thirst for the living water that only He provides, and our souls will never be satisfied until they are content in Him.

Three Things Surrounding Jesus’ Offer

1) A Condition – “Whoever drinks.”  The condition of receiving and being satisfied by this living water is faith, but this faith is more than just receiving; it is also yielding.  It is trusting in Jesus as savior and lord. It is coming to him on his terms.

2) A Consequence – “Whoever drinks” will be satisfied and have this life.  This does not mean a trouble-free life, but contentment in our souls.

3) A Change – The result of drinking is being born again to new life.  It is real life in Jesus and real satisfaction!

Pastor Phillips concluded by saying that for those who have not tasted this life-giving water, they simply need to hear from Christians who Jesus is!  He also said of those who have tasted this living water, but are still discontent may be so because (1) they are too close to the world – seeking satisfaction again in things that don’t satisfy; (2) they may be stopping up the flow of the Holy Spirit because of besetting sin rather than fighting sin daily in the grace of Christ; and (3) they may be neglecting God’s Word.  Oh, that we would tell others of this Savior and his life-giving water, and that we ourselves would be satisfied only in Him!