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Sep 10

Families Together with the Family of God on Sunday

2014 | by Trent Hunter | Category: Sermon Follow-Up

In Sunday’s sermon, “God’s People in God’s Presence,” Ryan addressed at some length the role of children in our corporate gatherings.

It is easy to assume that these gatherings are for adults, and that children’s programs are a substitute for children. But as a general principle, it seems consistent with the Bible’s description of the family and of the church for children to join us as soon as they are able. The question of when they are ready depends largely on our role as parents in training them and preparing them. Each family will need to work through how to get from here to there with their young ones.

Here are some articles to help you work this out in the context of your family.

Articles on families together in corporate worship

Statements from other churches families together in corporate worship

If you had to read one article on this subject, we’d recommend the piece written by John and Noel Piper, “The Family: Together in God’s Presence.” In fact, we’re making this available for you in print this coming Sunday and around the church on an ongoing basis.

It is good for families to worship together with the family of God. Everything else that goes on around here on Sunday is second to that.