Jun 19

Building Lives with Sexual Integrity – Audio and Video Available

2015 | by Trent Hunter | Category: Recommended Resources

On Saturday, May 16, we hosted a Saturday Seminar for men, titled, Building Lives with Sexual Integrity.

Buildings need structural integrity to stand and to withstand the pressures that weigh on them. Cultures, communities, churches, and families need sexual integrity to thrive. When a building has structural integrity all kinds of wonderful things can happen inside that building down generations. When a building fails structurally devastation follows. The consequences are even greater when it comes to sexuality. Sex makes and also destroys lives. We need God’s Word to enjoy and yield it well.

Sexual integrity is not a topic relevant only for men, of course, but men bear a particular responsibility as men in this area and we wanted to place a target for this material squarely on them.

If you missed it or if you’d like to listen in as a lady, the audio and video for each talk is available below. Click here for the student notes.

Session 1 – “The Laws for Sexual Integrity” (audio, video)

Session 2 – “The Vision for Sexual Integrity” (audio, video)

Session 3 – “The Blueprint for Sexual Integrity” (audio, video)