Aug 24

“Who is This Man?”: A Song for our Series through Mark

2015 | by Trent Hunter | Category: Music and Singing

This past Sunday we wrapped up our series through the Gospel according to Mark. The title of the series was, Who Is This Man?. That’s the question Mark writes to answer. Of course, all of the gospels are written to address this question, but Mark’s work is particularly focused on the specific question of the identity of Jesus Christ.

It’s for that reason that when Drew Hodge penned a song of our series, he lifted the title of the series for the title of his song, “Who Is This Man?,” now available on Bandcamp.

If you were with us for one of this year’s Easter services you’ll remember that we heard this song along with a video. Here’s the video with lyrics below:


Verse 1

Who is this man come to die,
beloved son from on high,
God and man to make us one,
King and a kingdom come?

Verse 2

Who is this man on the way,
power and love on display,
cleansing healing every stain,
washing our guilt away?

Verse 3

Who is this man hanging there
on a tree our shame to bear?
For our sin, for His prize,
the Lamb of God had died.

Verse 4

Who is this man risen high,
once dead now very alive?
Empty tomb filled with light,
this man is Jesus Christ!


This man is Jesus Christ!
This man is Jesus Christ!
This man is Jesus Christ!

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