Jul 1

Announcing, the Christ Church Core Team

2016 | by Trent Hunter | Category: Church Planting

There are a number of milestones in the course of planting a church. Announcing plans to plant is one. The public launch is another. Between those two milestones is another big one: the establishment of the core team.

The following core team members initially expressed interest around January, following the Christ Church info meeting. From there, through a series of meetings, prayer, and discussion among DSC’s elders, the following core team was established.

Each of these people have known for a while, but we are thrilled now to share with everyone else the names of those who are going out. Here they are:

Hayden Armstrong
Karin Avery
Ben and Jenna Balman
Mason Banning
Nando and Isabel Betancur
Michael and Stephanie Bestwaros
Mark and Stephanie Bieniarz
Jason and Dani Brown
Jeremy and Naomi Brown
JR and Feven Bucklew
Jacob Covell
Adam and Charis Church
Walter and Jody Dehority
Leonard and Astraea Duran
Ruben Duran
Sophia Edwards
Tim and Angela Englemann
Lauren Ferguson
Tonya Garrison
David and Rita Gatt
Emily Gidlow
Ryan and Lesley Gilmore
Mike and Sydney Graczyk
JJ and Danielle Johnson
Matt Jones
Kyle and Jessika Junick
Z and Mary Hall
Taylor Kidwell
Eric and Shannon Layer
Ana McElroy
Randy and Eva McElroy
Clint and Joanna Moore
Tim and Cara Ray
Raybeau and Annie Richardson
Matt and Anne Ryals
Haley Templeton
Chris and Britt Sanchez
Nathan and Marcie Sherman
Tara Sigur
Marc and Cara Sowers
Caity Spencer
Kyle and Michelle Stevens
Crystal Valdez
Haley Waggerman
Andrew Ward
Caleb Ward
Quinn and Morgan Wingerd
Caleb Wiseman
Jeff Voris

While the public launch of Christ Church is not until November, the core team phase begins in August. This means that these brothers and sisters will begin meeting as a church, and not with Desert Springs Church, starting one month from now.

With that in mind, be sure to offer those you know a hug and a meal as a way of sending them off. No one is moving out of town, of course. But we will miss one another in real ways, and your kind words and hospitality will be a way of sending them in a manner worthy of God.