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Apr 17

Paul’s Missionary Journey

2018 | by Asher Griffin | Category: Sermon Follow-Up

In Sunday’s sermon from Acts 28, Ryan Kelly showed a map of the Apostle Paul’s missionary travels throughout the book of Acts. The map he showed is available below.

Paul's Missionary Journey

A couple of ways you can use this map:

  1. Print it out and keep for reference.
  2. Search, in your Bible, through each stage is Paul’s missionary journeys using headings or key words.
  3. Think of crafts or chalk drawings to do with your children that would visually help them see all the places the Lord led Paul.
  4. Remind yourself of what God said would be done in Acts 1:8 and compare it with what He did throughout Acts.
  5. See Acts not just as some stories about Paul’s adventures, but as God’s sovereign plan unfolding before our eyes.
  6. Praise the Lord with others in seeing His grace and mercy extending to the end of the earth.