Oct 26

Prayer for Those Coming and Going

2018 | by Asher Griffin | Category: Elders Q&A,Prayer

On Wednesday night of this week, we held a Members Meeting & Elder Q&A where we brought in 16 new members, said goodbye to 5 members, and the elders fielded questions from the congregation.

After the bringing in and sending out of members, Drew Hodge prayed for those who were “coming and going.” Below is the prayer that he gave. We decided to post his prayer because it was a good, guiding, and helpful prayer, but also because it serves as a earnest reminder of the fellowship that we have, through Christ, in a body of covenanting believers.

O gracious God, we thank you for these your people, our brothers and sisters. You know us and call us by name, and are acquainted with all our ways. We Thank you for those who have been with us many years and now move on. Bless and keep them in your grace. May they find fellowship and friendship, and guard their way in your Word. Thank you for the good church families they are going to and/or will soon find.

Lord, we praise you for these 16 souls you have added to our family to share in our work, worship, and witness.

Thank you for their voices now added to the choir of our congregation, for their hearts being knit together with ours in life and love.

May they always hold fast to their confession in faith as they live out their professions of faith. May they walk in a manner worthy of their calling, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. May we be of the same mind and same judgement in Christ.

Watch over your servants, establish faithful families, and enable them by your Spirit to be rooted in the steadfast love of Christ.

Deepen their understanding of the gospel, strengthen their commitment to follow the way of Christ, and keep them in the fullness of faith, and in the consistent communion of your church.

Father, guard them from temptation and deliver them from evil.
May sin be sour and holiness sweet.
Increase their compassion for others, and send them into the world in witness to your Word and your worth.
Multiply your grace and peace to us all, for Your glory and our good.

In Jesus name, amen.