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Jul 24

D.A. Carson Messages on Prayer and Mission

2009 | by Ryan Kelly | Category: Recommended Link,Sermons

Three messages by Don Carson on “Prayer and Mission,” recently preached at Evangelical Ministry Assembly conference in London:

If you’re not aware, practically all of Dr. Carson’s sermon audio is now on The Gospel Coalition website (thanks to the hard work of Andy Naselli). There are even some French sermons there, for all of you Francophones!

Somewhat related, I recently confirmed with Dr. Carson that he will back at DSC for Clarus 2012 (yes, that was the soonest we could get him back!).

Jul 24

So What Have I Been Doing All Month?

2009 | by Ryan Kelly | Category: Miscellaneous,Sermons,This Sunday

Four weeks off from preaching? Are you enjoying your time off? What have you been doing all this time? 

Since my main responsibility at DSC is preaching, it’s not surprising that I get those kind of questions whenever I’m not preaching, and especially when it’s several weeks in a row. Well, here’s the big picture, if you’re interested to know:

  • About 12 weeks a year, someone else gives the Sunday AM sermon.
  • A couple of those weeks a year are truly vacation.
  • Another half-dozen weeks, I’m not preaching but the week is still filled with busy office/admin, planning, counseling, discipleship stuff. It’s not at all “time off” — it’s really catch-up time for a lot of extra things that pile up.
  • Another four to six weeks per year I’m doing research and writing for a PhD.

These last four weeks of pulpit absence are of that last category: working hard on writing/revising chapters of my dissertation.

Let me give a quick explanation, especially for those who are fairly new to DSC. This degree is something I started before I came to DSC six years ago. It’s been slow-going — partly because of my very average intelligence and partly because attention to the dissertation has to go in spurts. Pastoring is more than a full-time job (anywhere from 55-75 hours/week) even without the dissertation. So sometimes, several months (as many as 10 months at a time) go by without me being able to give any attention to the degree. I simply haven’t found a way to make progress on the PhD within a normal work week. And I’m fine with that — I’m a pastor first and hopefully forever. I have no intention of finishing the degree and going off to teach in a college or seminary. I’d just like to finish what I started since a lot of time has already gone into the degree. I also think that the research and writing is hugely beneficial to my pastoral ministry. 

So, for the last several summers now, the elders have graciously given me a four-week block to intensely focus on the dissertation. Hence, my absence from preaching, blogging, etc., for the last four weeks. It’s definitely not been “time off.” It’s pretending that I’m a pressured grad student once again — a lot less sleep, a little less hygiene, and a lot more caffeine. Most days are 12-14 hours of research and writing, and maybe only a couple days off in the whole month. 

This education sabbatical was once again productive and encouraging. I have only one chapter (out of seven) to write completely from scratch. Another five are written but will need some significant revision before they’re in their final form. I’m hoping (and praying!) to have the final draft done by Christmas this year. After that, it’ll take several more months (maybe another five) before all the little hoops are jumped through and I defend the dissertation. Then the dissertation will get revised for a book version that will be published by Crossway in late 2011.

As with previous education sabbaticals, so it has been this last month: I enjoy the research and mostly enjoy the writing, but it nevertheless confirms my real love for preaching, for people, for the church, and for pastoring. I love where I am and what I do. I love our church. 

All that to say, thanks so much for your patience while I was reclusively holed up in my study for a month. 

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday as we get back to our series on Luke, specifically the first half of chapter 10, where we see Jesus’ disciples described as “Happy, Humble Harvesters.”

Jul 9

New Resource on the Four Gospels

2009 | by Ryan Kelly | Category: Recommended Link,Sermons

Pete Williams continues to do a fantastic job as the Warden of Tyndale House, Cambridge (an evangelical study center and library for  Biblical Studies in Cambridge). In addition to the inception of their Bible&Church conference, the latest example is Dr Williams and other top-notch N.T. scholars contribute to hard-but-simply-answered questions, such as:

  • When was it decided there should be four gospels?
  • Were gospels removed from the Bible? What makes the four gospels different?
  • Is there any evidence for the reliability of the four gospels?

If you’re in the mood for some exploration on the unique historicity and reliability of the four gospels, spend some time on (or even bookmark) their site. 

Some of these issues were also dealt with at the beginning of our series on Luke: “What is the Gospel According to Luke? Can We Trust It?”

May 12

Clarus 09 Audio

2009 | by Ryan Kelly | Category: Clarus 09,Recommended Link,Sermons

May 1-3, 2009 DSC hosted Ray Ortlund, Jr. and Sam Storms as they taught on “The Convergence of Doctrine and Delight.” The audio is now available:

  1. Ray Ortlund: “True Spirituality: Delighting in Truth” (Psa. 1)
  2. Sam Storms: “Jonathan Edwards on Religious Affections: The Soul Set on Fire for God”
  3. Ray Ortlund: “False Spirituality: Flirting Around” (2 Cor. 11:1-4)
  4. Sam Storms: “Enjoying Election: Finding Delight in God’s Decree”
  5. Panel Discussion 1
  6. Ray Ortlund: “Dangerous Moderation: The Nausea of Christ” (Rev. 3:14-22)
  7. Panel Discussion 2
  8. Ray Ortlund: “Break Through: No Other Desire” (Psa. 73)
  9. Sam Storms: “Delighting Ourselves in the Lord: Why Joy in God Matters” (Psa. 37:4)

    The audio of our past years’ conference weekends is available here.

    Apr 28

    Audio and Video for The Gospel Coalition Conference

    2009 | by Ryan Kelly | Category: Recommended Link,Sermons