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Mar 21

Rome’s Sex Abuses – What to Do?

2010 | by Ryan Kelly | Category: Quote,Recommended Link

Carl Trueman points us to Hans Kung (a Roman Catholic theologian) and his recent critique of the Catholic church (critique from within, mind you):

Hans Kung has fired a fine salvo in the discussion of the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church.  As usual, his take on his own church is far more astute and perceptive than the many rose-tinted interpretations that are the stock-in-trade of prominent American evangelicals.  You can read it here.   For those with stronger stomachs (you have been warned) Christopher Hitchens has also something to say on the matter here.   Is the Reformation over?  Let’s hope not.   American evangelicalism may be, to use Frank Schaeffer’s phrase, addicted to mediocrity; there is no evidence as yet that it is addicted to child rape and cover ups of the same.

Checking my own legal responsibilities at Westminster [Theological Seminary], it would appear that, if child abuse was taking place on campus with my knowledge, and I did not immediately inform the police, I would be in serious legal difficulties — and that’s just the legal situation, before we even get to what my moral responsibilities might be.   At this point, to use the British terminology, one has to ask why the Pope isn’t down at the local constabulary, helping the police with their inquiries?