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Mar 31

Chronological Reading of Passion Week

2010 | by Ryan Kelly | Category: Sermon Follow-Up,This Sunday

I know it’s the middle, and not the beginning, of Passion Week, but if you’re still looking for some guidance on where to read to follow the passion narrative, the below might help.

Tonight (Wednesday, 6:30PM), we meet together for our monthly Lord’s Supper. We’ll read, think, and pray about the events that happened on Thursday of the Passion Week. (Sorry if it’s confusing to talk about Thursday on Wednesday, but I think it’ll be best for us to think about the first Lord’s Supper at our usual Lord’s Supper service.) Hope to see you tonight, as well as Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday.

Saturday Arrival in Bethany, Anointed by Mary John 11:55-12:8
Sunday Crowd came to see Jesus John 12:9-11
Monday Triumphal Entry Matthew 21:1-17; Luke 19:39-44
Tuesday Cleansing of Temple, Fig Tree Cursed Mark 11:12-26
Wednesday Temple Controversy, Olivet Discourse Matthew 21:23-25:46
Thursday Last Supper, Betrayal, Trial Before Annas and Caiaphas Luke 22:7-65; John 13:1-38, 18:2-27
Friday Trials; Crucified and Buried Matthew 27:1-60; John 18:28-19:42
Saturday Dead in Tomb
Sunday Resurrected Matthew 28:1-15; Luke 24:1-35

– Adapted from Harold W. Hoehner, “Chronology,” Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels, p. 120.