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Aug 25

Praying for Las Palmas Church

2010 | by Trent Hunter | Category: Prayer

Ernesto and Maggie Vega serve in Juarez Mexico where Ernesto is pastor of Las Palmas Church.  Despite the fact that Juarez is now technically the most dangerous city in the world, they have remained faithful to encourage the believers and welcome those looking for eternal security and forgiveness in Christ. Yesterday, we received a troubling report:

Ernesto called this morning with troublesome news. While his youth group was painting scripture (picture attached) on the outside wall of the church, a man approached the youth group and informed them that he was going to fill Ernesto with lead.

Over the past few years many threats have been made against people in Juarez and in Ernesto’s neighborhood, and the vast majority of threats are carried out. One threat, made in October, was to a man in Ernesto’s neighborhood, he was told that he would be killed on new year’s eve. Two months later he was executed on new year’s eve. Last Sunday alone 51 people were murdered in Juarez bringing the death count to over 1800 for 2010. The horrific slaughter of human life started in drug wars and has now spread to the common people.

Ernesto and Maggie are at peace knowing they are in the will of our Lord.

Please join us in prayer for Ernesto, Maggie, Juarez, the congregation and for the man who is threatening them.

Many here at DSC have met Ernesto and Maggie and love them and their church. Please pray for this situation, that God will protect and grow His church as well as save the lost in and through these dark times.