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Aug 31

Follow up on Sermon from Acts 11-14

2010 | by Trent Hunter | Category: Gospel

This Sunday, Ryan preached from Acts 11-14 where we observe “a frenzy of missional activity.” These early Christians were busy sending, going, proclaiming, saving, forming, discipling, and communicating and rejoicing.

Here are ten reasons from Ryan’s sermon for Desert Springs Church to be busy planting churches.

  1. Church planting is biblical – still
  2. Church planting is a uniquely effective means of reaching the lost
  3. Church planting is needed, even in America
  4. Church planting is needed in our town
  5. Church planting will help DSC be more missional in other ways
  6. Church planting is, in some ways, an attempt at DSC “growing without growing”
  7. Church planting fosters a broad-minded kingdom mentality
  8. Church planting puts to use a growing number of equipped and potential leaders at DSC
  9. God is doing something special with church planting in the US these days
  10. As a former church plant, DSC should be pro-planting