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Sep 21

Follow-up to Sunday’s Sermon: Introduction to Colossians

2010 | by Trent Hunter | Category: Sermon Follow-Up

On Sunday Ryan introduced the book of Colossians, covering the context, authorship, and the theme of this New Testament letter, written by the apostle Paul.

We also considered the importance of reading books like this straight through to get a sense of their unity and message. Colossians is, after all, a letter. Since this is actually a helpful approach to daily Bible reading, Ryan challenged us to read through Colossians once each day for the next week, then to do the same thing with a different New Testament letter after that. For longer books, like Romans, it may help to divide the book into two sections.

To help you read through Colossians, here’s the outline that Ryan gave on Sunday:

I.  Believing in Christ’s Preeminence (Chapter 1)

  • His Preeminence in our Experience (1:3-14)
  • His Preeminence in Creation (1:15-17)
  • His Preeminence in the Church (1:18-23)
  • His Preeminence in Paul’s Ministry (1:24-29)

II.  Defending Christ’s Preeminence (Chapter 2)

  • His Preeminence vs. Empty Philosophy (2:1-10)
  • His Preeminence vs. Judaistic Ceremonialism (2:11-17)
  • His Preeminence vs. Man-Made Rules (2:18-23)

III.  Living Out Christ’s Preeminence (Chapter 3-4)

  • His Preeminence in Your New Identity (3:1-10)
  • His Preeminence in the Church’s Unity (3:11-17)
  • His Preeminence in Your Home and Work (3:18-4:1)
  • His Preeminence in Proclamation (4:2-6)
  • His Preeminence in Service (4:7-18)