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Sep 29

The Gospel Coalition: Getting Practical (DSC+TGC Part 5)

2010 | by Trent Hunter | Category: Recommended Link,Vision

In this series of posts introducing DSC to The Gospel Coalition (TGC), we’ve been looking at the foundation documents that provide the basis for the partnerships that make up The Gospel Coalition network of churches and church leaders.

Grounded in these commitments, TGC is serving the church in a numerous practical ways:

  • Resources: A large database of sermons, articles, lectures, and interviews searchable by topic, text, date and author. This is a vast treasury of Scripture rich reflection, exposition and instruction.
  • Blogs: Seven blogs are hosted at TGC’s site, all of them valuable regular visits. We recommend two in particular to those working through theological issues and interacting with culture: Justin Taylor and Kevin DeYoung.
  • Publications: Themelios is a theological journal that expounds and defends the historic Christian faith.
  • Book Reviews: TGC  Reviews is home to book reviews, interviews with faithful readers, and book excerpts.
  • Conferences: A National Conference is held every two years in April in the city of Chicago, alternating years with Together for the Gospel, another fine conference. The 2011 conference theme is Preaching Jesus and the Gospel from the Old Testament and includes breakout sessions with about fifty different speakers, most of whom are pastors.

And that concludes this five part introduction to TGC. We are happily listed in TGC’s Church Directory and are encouraged with the recent news of Ryan Kelly’s appointment to the council. Bookmark TGC’s site on your browser and take advantage of what you find there for your encouragement and help in living and spreading the gospel for the glory of God.

This post is fifth in a series of posts introducing DSC to The Gospel Coalition (Read, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4)