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Nov 9

Clarus 2010: Q&A with Randy Alcorn and Wayne Grudem Recap

2010 | by Trent Hunter | Category: Clarus 10

Over the last two months we’ve sprinkled the blog with videos from Ryan Kelly’s question and answer session with Randy Alcorn and Wayne Grudem from Clarus 2010. Below are links to the videos under the major headings we used for our recent Clarus 2010 Q&A blog series.

Questions about Creating Money

Questions about Spending Money

Questions about Giving Money

Questions about Investing Money

Questions about Slavery, Poverty, and Evangelicalism

Questions about Gender Issues, Dividing Issues, and Parenting

If you missed the plenary sessions (or want to re-listen), the audio to this, as well as the previous year’s conference weekends, is on the DSC/Clarus website.