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Nov 6

Getting Connected with the Body at DSC

2010 | by Trent Hunter | Category: Administrative

As the body of Christ, we mean to be with one another at various times and in various ways to do the kinds of things that “make the body grow so that it builds itself up in love” (Ephesians 4:16). But how and when to get connected is not necessarily intuitive. If a family of two has a central calendar and rhythms of communication, how much more important is clear and purposeful communication for the family of God.

What follows is a list of the various channels and contexts for connecting with the body at DSC. Some of these are less obvious than others. For example, the Calendar Card, Prayer Force email, E-Newsletter, and Facebook Page are useful but not as obvious as the Sunday Bulletin or the DSC Website.

Connecting on Sunday:

  • The Sunday Bulletin communicates the church’s vision, a welcome to visitors, the current week’s schedule, and critical information about upcoming ministry opportunities.
  • The Communication Card attached to the bulletin gives you an opportunity to communicate your need for prayer or an interest in getting involved.
  • The Calendar Card helps you plan your month and year around important DSC dates, including Lord’s Suppers, membership classes, conferences, retreats, camps, Saturday Seminars, and mission trips.
  • The Kiosks and Information Center located in the foyer are primary ways to learn about and express interest in the various ministries at DSC.
  • The DSC Directory is available for $5 at the Information Center and helps us connect with one another throughout the week and pray for one another by name.
  • The Newcomers Reception is hosted on the  last Sunday of each month in the West Wing as an opportunity for newcomers to connect with DSC’s leadership and learn more about the church.

Connecting on the Web:

  • The DSC Website is our online home for ministry information, announcements, sermon audio, online giving, recommended web links, and books.
  • The DSC Blog includes follow-up posts to Sunday sermons, ministry spotlights, videos from our annual Clarus conference, quotes, etc.
  • Sign up for the Prayer Force Email list by emailing to submit prayer requests and subscribe to the prayer email.
  • Sign up for the E-Newsletter through the bulletin Communication Card to receive a monthly summary of what’s happening at DSC.
  • DSC’s Facebook Page and Twitter Feed stream DSC announcements and links.
  • Of course, Email is always a good way to connect with staff and leaders and these are available on DSC’s website. Email the church office at

Connecting Face-to-Face:

  • Knowing Christ, Knowing the Church (KCKC) is DSC’s membership class offered three times annually. Sign up for KCKC at the Information Center on Sunday mornings or by emailing
  • Community Groups meet weekly in homes throughout the Albuquerque area and are DSC’s main vehicle for discipleship at DSC outside of our Sunday worship services.
  • Lord’s Supper gatherings take place at 6:30 PM on the last Wednesday of every month. At 5:30 PM the youth ministry hosts a church-wide meal in the youth room.
  • Leadership Seminars are offered twice a year for those interested in serving in leadership roles throughout DSC.
  • Women’s Bible Studies meet for thirteen week sessions in the Fall, Spring and Summer to Study and encourage one another in the Word.
  • Men’s Huddles meet on Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings at 6 AM to study Scripture and pray.
  • Paradox Student Ministry is a ministry for students 6-12th grade and their parents every Wednesday night in the youth room, and Sunday mornings during the second service.