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Mar 23

Paradox “Engage”: A Report from Greg Schneeberger

2011 | by Trent Hunter | Category: Events

On March 12th, the Paradox youth and family ministry hosted their first Saturday night “Engage” gathering, part of a new ministry format. I’ve asked Greg Schneeberger, DSC’s Minister to Youth, to share about the new format and their first Saturday gathering:

Paradox youth and family ministry has turned a corner. We’ve decided to drop our ill attended Wednesday night gatherings and switch to two longer, more fun, and deeper Saturday nights per month. The first of these two gatherings occurs every second Saturday night of the month, from 5:00-9:00 PM. This gathering is for all youth and parents in middle school and high school. The second gathering takes place every fourth Saturday of the month during the same timeframe, but this gathering is offsite and exclusive to the high school ministry. We’re calling these gatherings “Paradox Engage.”

Our first foray into our new format was on March 12. In short, it was a huge success. We had almost 100 parents, students, and families gathered with us to celebrate the grace of Christ in worship, community, and mission.

True to the core values of our church, Paradox is committed to creating fun environments where youth and parents can grow together. We want our events to be a great time for relationship building across ages. The 2nd Saturday Paradox Engage did just that. Parents were talking. Young people were outside playing. Young adult and high school leaders were serving. Everyone was eating great food. When our hang out time came to a close, we sang music to our Lord, studied his word, and met together in small groups. The small group time was sweet to watch. Dads, moms, young adults, and kids sat together and discussed the big things of God. At the end, they closed in prayer. I watched with thankfulness as the night went off without a hitch.

No doubt, we’ll have things to change for next time. But our goal was accomplished. We were able to show the world that Christians can gather across ages, hobbies, and styles to be unified in the love of Christ. I’m excited to see where this goes and add fun elements to the gathering in the future. By God’s grace we will continue to gather and be strengthened as an intergenerational body so that both young and old can be equipped to be on mission in the world.

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