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Mar 28

TGC Interview with Ryan Kelly about Clarus

2011 | by Trent Hunter | Category: Clarus 11

Today, Collin Hansen posted an interview with Ryan Kelly at the TGC Blog about Clarus ’11. The interview has five parts:

  • What does Clarus mean, and how did you arrive at that name?
  • How did Clarus become a regional conference of The Gospel Coalition?
  • Tell us about this year’s theme, “Scripture: God Speaks.”
  • Who do you want to show up for the conference?
  • Tell us a bit more about your speakers, G. K. Beale and Carl Trueman

Of particular interest to those unfamiliar with The Gospel Coalition will be TGC’s Foundational Documents and Ryan’s answer to Collin’s question, How did Clarus become a regional conference of The Gospel Coalition?

Several developments have led to this partnership. Becoming a council member of TGC this past year obviously had a lot to do with it. Also, this past year we organized a TGC regional chapter in Albuquerque. In years past, Clarus was the annual rallying point for a number of these local friendships, and Clarus is where many of these friendships were formed. Since Clarus fits so nicely under the TGC umbrella, it seemed natural to both us and TGC’s executive leadership to tie the existing local/regional conference efforts of Clarus into the broader movement of TGC. We hope this partnership will serve God’s purposes for his glory.

For those who have attended Clarus in previous years, it will be clear that this partnership will not change much of the feel and aim of the conference. Our hope is that, now as a regional conference of TGC, this event will be able to more broadly serve pastors and other interested Christians in the Southwest (Phoenix, Denver, El Paso, among others). We are thrilled to have TGC’s support and to be able to help the gospel-centered resourcing and networking efforts of TGC.

As Ryan mentioned on Sunday, with increased exposure to the conference we expect ticket sales to increase. To secure your place, purchase your ticket in advanced at the Information Center, the Resource Center, or online.