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Reverberation, at the Resource Center

2011 | by Trent Hunter | Category: Book Nook,Recommended Resources

When we hear the word, “reverberation,” we usually think of sound. But while a reverberation is a sound on its own, it is also the effect of a sound. It’s the presence of a sound once that sound is gone, but in the form of echos. There are more technical ways of putting it, I’m sure, but that’s the gist. The church, we could say, is a kind of architecture designed and build by the Word of God for the reverberation of God’s Word in the world. We are a reverberation of the very voice of God.

Earlier this year, Jonathan Leeman published a helpful book, titled, Reverberation: How God’s Word Brings Light, Freedom, and Action to His People. This book explores the nature and function of God’s Word in and through God’s people in every aspect of our life and mission together.

This past week, Fred Zaspel published a review of Leeman’s book. Here are a few paragraphs from his review to whet your appetite this helpful word about God’s Word:

Leeman, editorial director for 9Marks ministries, begins with a discussion of the power of God’s Word. This is nothing new, of course. But his presentation is unusually compelling. Indeed, one of the leading values of this book is that it not only informs the reader in regard to this so very important article of our faith; it also leaves the reader utterly persuaded of it and moved by it. Reading as he unpacks this wonderful theme of the transforming effectiveness of Scripture you sense your own perspective being sharpened, your appreciation of God’s Word deepened, and your eagerness to see it put to further use increased many times over. Certainly every believer has experienced the soul- and life-transforming power of God’s Word, and as Leeman articulates this theme for us we find him articulating our own experience with God—which is, of course, what makes this to us such a joyful theme.

Leeman wins his case in this first section so well that you will find yourself eager to see how this theme affects church and Christian worship, which is what the subject he takes up in the rest of the book. First, of course, is the matter of preaching. Here Leeman describes preaching in terms of the “exposing” of God’s written Word, apart from which preaching has no value whatever. Then he explains—again, so compellingly—how God’s Word then “reverberates” in our singing, praying, disciple-making, and evangelism.

What distinguishes Christianity, at bottom, is the message. We Christians have the audacity to claim that God has spoken, and that the message we proclaim is from him. We are a “people of the book,” and we believe with all our hearts that this message is the means through which God works mightily to claim and transform those who are his. What Leeman provides for us is both a very clear and persuasive exposition of this truth and a discerning application of it to church life. After reading this you will want more than ever to see your church become increasingly Word/gospel-centered—in its preaching, its singing, its praying, its ordinances, and in every other aspect of its life.

Reverberation is available at the Resource Center for a suggested donation of a measly $3.00. Get one to read, and several to give away.