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Oct 13

Introducing the New DSC Website

2011 | by Trent Hunter | Category: Administrative

If you are reading this blog at the DSC Website, you’ve probably noticed that it received a total makeover about a week ago. Much of the content is the same, but is presented and organized in a way that should be easier to find and easier to use. For example, a new secondary navigation menu at the top of the screen provides quick links to important but not central features of the site, such as the Give page or the Church Directory page. And now, in addition to a rotating banner, we have three fixed image links to the right of the banner. These will change as needed to shine a spotlight on important announcements.

Of course, a redesign like this is also a good opportunity to build in some new content. Here are a few new pages intended to make our site more useful to those who are just getting to know us:

  • The Who Is Jesus? page answers the most important questions about Jesus Christ, which are also the most important questions about our church.
  • The New to DSC page welcomes those who are new to DSC and briefly introduces them to our mission, our worship services, our leadership, and ministries.
  • The new ConnectGrow, and Serve pages outline practical ways to get plugged in at DSC.

In addition, there are a number of smaller additions that should help us stay connected, including pages where you can Update Your Information or Subscribe to the DSC Blog, E-Newsletter or Prayer Force email. In addition, there are several quick links at the top right of the page for DSC’s Blog Feed, Podcast, Facebook Page, and Twitter Feed.

We hope this update helps our visitors get connected and our body stay connected to the glory of God.

Many thanks to Memo Ochoa for his great investment of time and heart in a site that is both beautiful and usable. Memo’s role around here is at the same time one of the least visible and most visible roles in our church. You won’t see him up front in a worship service, but he is the mind and creativity behind the graphics and communication pieces that decorate our church. Well done, Memo.