May 21

New Life at French’s Mortuary, Redemption Church Update

2012 | by Trent Hunter | Category: Church Planting

Redemption Church, DSC’s first church plant, is now almost three months old. This month’s Church Planting ENewsletter included an article by Carlos Griego reflecting on this new work that God is doing. The whole update is worth reading, and you can do so here.

Carlos’ update included this short reflection by one of Redemption’s members, Stacey Abdalla:

The first thing that I think of when asked what I see God doing at Redemption over these past nine weeks is how He has been knitting many of our hearts together. There are new friendships and ultimately new partnerships for the Gospel that have been developing in the firmest of foundations – His Word and His precepts! I have been so very blessed and amazed at the camaraderie and devotion to God and His children that I have both seen and experienced with my fellow Redemption peeps! I do miss “home” – DSC – I am so thankful for the time God had our family there, and I am so blessed to be where God has us now – as a part of this new opportunity with Redemption to spread God’s glory broader and deeper! Of course, there are many new additions in the children department as well, with both the recent births and adoptions. What an amazing heart for adoption I see in this church! We’ve also had quite a few visitors and repeat attendees to the church, such as the Herrera family, the Tolliver family, the Scarbro family – just to name a few!

. . .And although it seemed that meeting for Sunday morning services in a funeral home would be a little uncomfortable, in reality it has turned into such a symbolic opportunity to celebrate Jesus’ finished conquering of death, as Los puts it, in a place where death usually has the last word! What a great reinforcement of the reality of what Jesus has conquered! God has shown such gracious provision in orchestrating the availability of French’s Mortuary – it is a beautiful, comfortable, warm and inviting facility, and we absolutely could not have asked for more in a place to meet before our building is ready! I am so excited and thankful to be a part of God’s new work with Redemption as He continues to change hearts and make all things new, both for His glory and our good! What a gracious, amazing God we serve! Thank You, Yahweh!

As Stacey mentioned, Redemption Church has been meeting at French’s Mortuary while waiting for their new space in Rio Rancho to become available. With now only a few weeks away until they will likely move into their new space, Carlos published a blog, “Church In a Mortuary,” reflecting on the irony in the circumstances of their launch. Here are a few excerpts:

Preparing to plant a church requires research. Church planters read lots of books. I have read books about culture, leadership, theology, and church planting. Many books give good suggestions on how to grow as a church, and how to make “your mark.” I am going to be honest, not one of those books mentioned launching a church in a mortuary, without any advertisement. That’s exactly what we have done at Redemption Church.

What has all this shown me? It has shown me that God brings growth, not methods. We are called to trust God, not methods. Methods are not bad, and we should use all of the resources we have to reach those far from God. We are excited to move out of the mortuary, and will advertise once we move into our new spot in Rio Rancho. What God has taught me in all of this, though, is to trust Him. He doesn’t need nice buildings or flyers sent out to bring people to Him. He calls us to plant gospel seeds, water with the Word, and watch what He does. I am excited for the times ahead, and what God will do in our new place. I am, however, brought to a place of worship and overwhelming thankfulness for our time in the mortuary as a somewhat under the radar church.

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