Oct 16

“Revelation 7” – A New Song for Cause for Praise, This Friday

2013 | by Trent Hunter | Category: Events


DSC’s fourth annual Cause for Praise worship concert is this Friday, October 18, at 7:00 PM at Desert Springs Church. We use the word “concert,” but this event is more precisely a special and extended evening of corporate worship in song. The event will be recorded and several songs from the evening will be released over the next year.

As has become our tradition, we will learn a few new songs together. One new song we’ll sing is part of a future DSC recording project called, “Songs of Revelation.” As the title makes clear, this will be an album of songs based on texts from the Book of Revelation.

For a taste of what’s to come this Friday, here are the lyrics to a song based on Revelation 7:

Revelation 7
Chris Elliot, Drew Hodge

1. O eyes, behold the multitude
of souls amassed from ‘cross the globe;
No tongue from lyrics to preclude
a cry of praise to God enthroned.

Before the Lamb, clothed in white,
all in accord they cried . . .

Salvation belongs to our God!
Salvation belongs to our God!

2. Saints and angels gathered round,
elders and the creatures sang;
Before the throne all faces down
beyond all time God’s glory rang.

Before the Lamb, clothed in white,
all in accord they cried . . .

As you are probably aware, DSC’s musicians have written a number of songs over the past few years, many of them recorded and available for listening and download at DSC’s Bandcamp Page.