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Oct 5

Resources on Depression

2011 | by Trent Hunter | Category: Recommended Resources

This Sunday, Ryan preached a sermon from Psalm 3, titled, “When Your Whole World is On The Brink.” Psalm 3 is one of many psalms that express lament for lamentable circumstances and, ultimately, hope in God’s saving power and goodness.

In his sermon, Ryan showed us how Psalm 3 gives us an example of how our own thoughts and prayers and feelings can progress: Lament (1-2), Remembrance (3-5), Resolve (6), Request (7-8). This psalm, along with others like it, provides a helpful prayer template for our own laments, sadnesses, discouragements, and depression.

Below are a number of helpful resources for thinking through and wrestling with depression:

Ed Welsch discussing depression:

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Unfortunately, due to audio equipment issues, the audio for Ryan’s sermon is not available.