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May 16

DSC + CareNet + Baby Bottles

2012 | by Trent Hunter | Category: Announcement

In Sunday’s service, we announced our participation in Care Net Pregnancy Center’s Baby Bottle Drive. This partnership will help support their efforts to serve women and their families in an unplanned pregnancy with biblically based counseling and practical help.

Here’s the video from Sunday:

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Please take a baby bottle home and fill it with change through the weeks between Mother’s Day, May 13 and Father’s Day, June 17. Bottles are due back by Sunday, June 17. For more information, please contact Carolyn Rush at or call the church office at 505.797.8700.

To learn more about CareNet, visit the CareNet website.

Feb 9

Greg, Youth, and New Adventures

2012 | by Ron Giese | Category: Announcement

Many of you will know by now that Greg, our minister for youth and young adults, announced on Sunday that he and his family will be heading to the San Diego area later this summer to accept an internship in pastoral ministry. He will study under pastor Doug Swagerty, who has trained and sent out many church planters in the area. In case you did not get Greg’s email, I’ve included it below.

To say that we all “love” Greg and Caitelen (and Aria!) is some kind of gross understatement. In fact, a DSC without Greg and Caitelen is some kind of “alternate universe” (a Trek term) that I don’t know if I’m ready for!

We are all supporting Greg in this move and new vocation, and blessing him as he goes! One of several reasons that I myself am thrilled is this:  What Greg is doing will not be easy (he’s not going into a fully funded, benefitted position). But I know that in my own life it was precisely those times when the future was not certain, and the job description was not crystal clear, and the money was not completely there, that our good Lord grew me by leaps and bounds. Me individually. My marriage. And what my young children were able to see as Mom and Dad trusted the Lord.

Finally, and this is especially for parents of youth, and for young adults, we want to ask for your input on this position. As elders we will be asking many of you for your thoughts in person in the next couple weeks, but there’s no way we will get to talk to each one of you. There is no specific “plan” right now for the youth area, as in replacing Greg or tweaking the balance in this position of youth and young adult.

In fact as elders we outlined four areas in our meeting Tuesday that we need to discuss and decide on in the next few weeks. Things like “to what extent do we continue youth and the Well as one position?” or “Is the Sunday morning Paradox meeting doing what we want it to?” Though we had planned on discussing these with Greg after serving in both youth and young adult for 6 months (and will still of course do so), again we’d love to broaden input from the congregation.

Since we’re inviting input, can I offer a word on making a recommendation to leadership? And part of this is as basic and simple as the “golden rule” idea. Although it helps, it doesn’t help immensely to have someone simply say, “youth here is the best, don’t change a thing!” Likewise it doesn’t help to ask for input and receive a laundry list of things that are wrong, as in “you guys need to change A, B, C, …” In sum, what is so, so welcome is a thoughtful analysis that includes strengths and weaknesses, and shows that you’ve talked with Greg or others and understand, even if just generally, our philosophy of youth/young adult ministry.

As a quick example, we have, for a number of years, been intentional about not being extremely “attractional” (fun and games maximized and discipleship minimized, instead of a balance). We’ve also tried to avoid an extreme of sectioning youth (and young adults) out so much from the congregation that their only worship experience is with their peer group.

Historically and statistically, in our country, this kind of approach (youth only interact with each other and youth leaders) leads to youth and young people not being more active in church after they leave their parents’ house, but less.

Please let us know how we can bless Greg and Caite as they embark on what can truly be called an adventure.

Greg’s email is, again, below. And thanks for listening (or, I guess, reading!).

Pastor Ron Giese


Greg’s Email to the DSC family:

DSC family,

This Sunday, in a variety of meetings, Caitelen and I announced an update on a new chapter in our lives. In case you’ve not heard the news, we consider it a joy and an honor to share it with you now.

Here is the email I sent to Paradox, Well, and Staff after 2nd service:

It is with bittersweet joy that I am announcing the acceptance of a job offer toward pastoral ministry in Encinitas, CA. I have been invited by the elders at North Coast Presbyterian Church to intern and apprentice in pastoral ministry and mission for the next 2-3 years, with an eye on a possible future church plant or pastoral call. This multifaceted opportunity is both challenging and exciting. It represents a new era in our lives and ministry. That said, we are already sad to leave our friends and family here, remembering frequently to never take for granted God’s living grace at DSC.

We are planning to move sometime in mid July 2012. Until the day we leave we will do our best to faithfully serve the wonderful body at DSC. My responsibilities will not change during this time and I am eager to finish strong, doing my best to serve you all as unto the Lord. Although we are not being sent by DSC, I assure you we are going with the blessing and encouragement of the elders. There is no negative reason for our departure, only the call set before us and the difficulty of leaving such a great church behind.

Caite and I have countless wonderful relationships here. We have grown and been blessed so deeply in the last 8 years. However, we are confident that this is a door the Lord has opened, and he is calling us by faith to step through it. Please keep us in prayer as we enter into this transition, and do not hesitate to ask me any questions you might have.

Thanks in advance for all your love and support.

Greg, Caitelen, Aria, and #2

Sep 22

Being Good Neighbors

2011 | by Trent Hunter | Category: Announcement

There’s an empty lot across the street from DSC. Actually, there are a few of them. But the one we all think of is the lot across from us at the corner of Vista Del Norte and Osuna.

Surely, most of us have imagined what could be with that space. We love our community and that looks like a great space for community things. Over the years, a number of proposals have been possible, including a local department store and even a strip mall. Of course, it’s not hard to imagine soccer fields and a community park.

On Tuesday of this week the future of that land was decided. As it turns out, that last idea wasn’t hard for the decision makers to imagine either.

Here’s the text of an announcement and invitation that went out to the E-Newsletter mailing list earlier today:

We have good news! The city of Albuquerque has finalized the decision to make the lot to the East of the church an official Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta landing site and recreational field (soccer fields / city park). This decision was finalized on Wednesday, and the dedication of the field is this Sunday, September 25 at 9:00 AM.

The Mayor’s office contacted the Vista del Norte Neighborhood Association President and asked that she do what she can to get the Vista del Norte Community to the dedication. The Neighborhood Association recognizes that DSC has been a great support to the neighborhood and has invited us to participate in the dedication.

Sunday’s dedication provides a great opportunity for us to connect with our neighbors, and this park will do the same for years to come. The mission “field” has truly come to us! So, if it works for your family to attend the dedication at 9:00 AM, we would encourage you to do so. Of course, for those that attend, please don’t neglect your commitment to attend service at 10:45 AM, and we certainly encourage you to meet and invite any new friends you make at the dedication to join us for service.

The transformation of dry ground into a beautiful park is good news for our community, and a picture of the best news of all. Through the prophet Isaiah, God spoke about the work He would accomplish in a people through Jesus Christ: “I will pour water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry ground” (Isaiah 44:3). May we faithfully display and tell of this truly good news with the neighborhood we love!

In years to come, the corner of Vista Del Norte and Osuna will see much trafic from our immediate and wider Albuquerque community.

Let’s kick off a new and exciting relationship with the city and represent the love of Christ for our neighborhood together this Sunday.