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Oct 16

Jacobo Piñeda’s Passing

2018 | by admin | Category: Announcement

Pictured from left to right: Jaco and Sandy (son and daughter-in-law), Dr. Jacobo Piñeda, Jeanette (wife), Majo (daughter).

Dear Church,

We have received the sad news from Guatemala that our dear brother, Dr. Jacobo, went to be with the Lord at about 9am this morning. He had been recovering from an emergency surgery that went late into last night, and this morning he suffered from a cardiac event as he was recovering. The doctors were unable to revive him.

Dr. Jacobo had been struggling with a battle against kidney cancer. He was in remission earlier this year, but then they recently discovered that the cancer had metastasized and spread to other parts of his body. Yesterday, he went to the hospital suffering from extreme abdominal pain. Doctors discovered that his bowel had ruptured, and he was sent to emergency surgery to repair his bowel. He was recovering in ICU this morning with sepsis, when he experienced tachycardia, and the doctors were unable to stabilize him. His family is deeply saddened and shocked, as not so long ago it seemed hopeful that Jacobo would recover. They are also comforted knowing that Jacobo is now in the presence of his Savior.

Please pray for his family, especially: his wife, Jeanette; and his son, Jaco, and Jaco’s wife, Sandy; his daughter, Majo, and Majo’s husband, Arol; and for his three grandchildren.

Pray also for our Achi brothers and sisters who have lost a man who so faithfully served them and loved them for the glory of our great God.

Our hearts are broken when we consider the loss of two beloved brothers his year, of Jacobo this morning, and Rodrigo in January. We are blessed to have known these great men, to have seen their love for the Lord and their passion for making His name great among the Achi. We also trust that, though the Lord’s plans are mysterious and unfathomable to us, we can rest knowing He accomplished His good purposes in their lives and will continue to grow the seeds planted by these brothers.

We are all deeply saddened to say goodbye for now to Dr. Jacobo. He will be missed by many. But we do not mourn as those without hope. May we, with heavy hearts, thank the Lord for Jacobo’s life and salvation and find refuge and comfort in the God who saves.

Oct 2

Elder Q&A | Members Meeting

2018 | by Asher Griffin | Category: Announcement,Elders Q&A

Each year, the DSC elders host an evening to take questions from DSC members called “Elders Q&A.” This year, it will take place in addition to our quarterly Members Meeting.

This Elders Q&A will take place on Wednesday, October 24, at 6:30 PM, with a church-wide dinner together at 5:30 PM.

Also, this meeting will serve as a regular Members Meeting where we’ll be affirming new members into the church. If you haven’t been to a Members Meeting this year, October 24 is a great night to begin!

If you have a question, you’re encouraged to submit it. Here are four ways to ask your questions:

  • Write: Submit your question using your bulletin Comment Card on Sunday and drop that in an offering box.
  • Email: Email your question to
  • Tell: Communicate your question for the Q&A to an elder in person or through email. Click here for their emails.
  • Show: Show up with your question on the 24th. In addition to written questions, the elders will take some questions from the audience that evening.

It would be helpful to receive your questions early. This helps the elders notice recurring themes, know how to devote time to particular questions, and spend time in a way that best serves the church. Questions that are not addressed at the Q&A will be answered through the DSC Blog or by email.

Also, audio from previous Elder Q&A evenings is available at our Messages Page under the topic “Elder Q&A.”

See you at the Q&A on October 24 at 6:30 PM.

Apr 17

Members Meeting Reminder

2018 | by Asher Griffin | Category: Announcement

Members Meeting April

If you’re a member, we hope you will plan to attend our Members Meeting, Wednesday, April 25 from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM. Childcare will be provided (nursery to four years old). We’ll also have our usual church-wide dinner at 5:30 PM.

Members should have received this email two weeks ago. If you didn’t receive it, please email

We’ll use these meetings to pray together, affirm believers into membership, and to talk about things like the present and future of DSC, or missions and local outreach opportunities.

Jan 31

Rodrigo Barrera’s Passing

2018 | by admin | Category: Announcement

Carol and Rodrigo Barrera

Dear Church,

Rodrigo Barrera went to be with the Lord on Tuesday, January 30, 2018. Since 2004, Desert Springs Church has partnered with Rodrigo and his wife, Carol, to reach the Mayan Achi living in Guatemala. The Barreras faithfully served the Achi through translating the Bible into the Achi language and through the making of disciples. For over three decades they have served as missionaries, including during the difficult time of the Guatemalan Civil War (1960-1996).

In 2010, numerous members and leaders of Desert Springs flew down to Guatemala to join the Barreras in celebration of the completion of the Achi New Testament. The village of San Miguel had a parade down the middle of the street to celebrate; little Achi children were even seen running around in cardboard boxes dressed up as Bibles!

Since the completion of the New Testament, the Barreras helped to form an indigenous Old Testament translation team. They also accompanied DSC twice a year for our mission trips-for our annual pastoral training trip in January and for our medical trip in May. Rodrigo was known for his warm, welcoming personality. If you sat in his house during the afternoons, you could witness young Achi men come to visit him for counseling and prayer.

We will miss our gospel partner, but not for long. We look forward to the day when we will join him in the presence of our King. We are thankful for God’s work in Rodrigo. We praise Him for Rodigro’s salvation and for enabling him to persevere in the faith until the end of his days on this earth.

Please join us in prayer for his wife, his children, and his grandchildren.

Oct 6

Guest Preacher This Sunday – Michael Lawrence

2017 | by Asher Griffin | Category: Announcement,Sermon Preview,This Sunday

From time to time, DSC has been blessed to have guest preachers who bring the Word to us on Sunday mornings. This Sunday morning, we will joined by Michael Lawrence, where Michael will be preaching in our services from 1 Kings 10.

We’ve been grateful to host Michael for most of this week, as he’s been one of the speakers for the Simeon Trust Workshop on Biblical Exposition hosted by DSC for many regional pastors.

Some of his written works are his contributions to the 9Marks Journal, Christian History Magazine, Boundless, and Preaching Today.

He’s contributed to books like Why I am a Baptist, edited by Tom Nettles and Russel Moore, and Sex and the Supremacy of Christ, edited by John Piper and Justin Taylor, and It Is Well: Expositions on the Substitutionary Atonement, with co-author Mark Dever.

He has also written Biblical Theology in the Life of the Church, Perspectives on Christian Worship: Five Views, and most recently, Conversion.

Michael comes to us from Portland, Oregon, where he is the Senior Pastor at Hinson Baptist Church. He earned an MDiv at Gordon-Conwell and a PhD from Cambridge University in 2002. Michael is married and has five children.

Hope to see you on Sunday at DSC at either 9AM or 10:45AM!