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Sep 29

Why Membership Matters

2009 | by Ryan Kelly | Category: Recommended Link,The Church

Kevin DeYoung gives a six-fold answer to the oft-asked question, why does membership matter?

  1. In joining a church you make visible your commitment to Christ and his people.
  2. Making a commitment makes a powerful statement in a low-commitment culture.
  3. We can be overly independent.
  4. Church membership keeps us accountable.
  5. Joining the church will help your pastor and elders be more faithful shepherds.
  6. Joining the church gives you an opportunity to make promises.

Go read the whole post to see how each of these are fleshed out.

Related to this is Kevin’s new book (co-authored with Ted Kluck), Why We Love the Church: In Praise of Institutions and Organized Religion. I’ve only had time to skim it, but what I’ve read so far I’ve heartily agreed with and enjoyed. I’m sure we’ll be carrying this in our church Resource Center soon.