Dec 12

Administrative Update: Decorations

2008 | by Ron Giese | Category: Administrative

In future blogs I’ll communicate more about finances here at DSC: how our budget is doing, what projects we are considering for the future, etc.

But to give you one quick note in passing about finances, you’ll notice some Christmas decorations outside the church in the evenings and, especially, some new ones for the Christmas Eve services. We had looked at the option of spending a good amount of money on outside decorations, and that certainly would be a neat way of helping to welcome and invite people in the neighboring housing developments to join us for Christmas, but we really felt like in tight financial times we couldn’t do that.

Priorities like preaching, group studies, local outreach, and overseas missions come way before the facility. Therefore we decided to spend what will end up being just a few hundred dollars on the lights you see at the entrance, as well as some special decorations put together by some DSC groups that will welcome us as we arrive on Christmas Eve!