Mar 13

Time Magazine: Calvinism Is Changing the World

2009 | by Ryan Kelly | Category: Quote,Recommended Link

My buddy, Justin Taylor, gives a heads-up on the latest Time magazine cover story, 10 Ideas Changing the World Right Now.

Here are the top 10–but I’ll warn you in advance that you probably didn’t see #3 coming:

  1. Jobs Are the New Assets
  2. Recycling the Suburbs
  3. The New Calvinism
  4. Reinstating the Interstate
  5. Amortality
  6. Africa, Business Destination
  7. The Rent-a-Country
  8. Biobanks
  9. Survival Stores
  10. Ecological Intelligence

Click on #3 (above) to read their description of the new movement of (or ‘awakening’ to) Calvinism.

If you missed it, this was also a Christianity Today cover story a couple of years ago: Young, Restless, and Reformed. The author, Colin Hanson, later developed the story into a full book by the same title.