Dec 28

Why You Should Bring Your Bible to Church

2009 | by Zach Nielsen | Category: Quote,Sermons,The Church

Jonathan Dodson has a good post that should be passed around on why Christians should bring their Bibles to church (assuming they live in a country where they can own a Bible).  His main points are:

1. It allows the Bible to make up your mind about meaning, not you make up your own mind about the meaning.
2. It allows you to read the Bible in context.
3. It helps you avoid confusing the medium for the message.

Some good quotes from his piece:

  • Follow the argument of Scripture, not just the argument of the preacher.
  • When we read in context we get to see the Bible, not in bits and pieces, but as an awe-inspiring whole.
  • Reading in PowerPoint prevents us from seeing the Bible as complete thoughts that hang together in context.

Read the whole thing.