Aug 28

Saturday Seminar Round-Up

2013 | by Trent Hunter | Category: Recommended Resources

This past Saturday about 100 of us came together for three hours in the morning to become better students of Scripture. Using Philippians as an example, Ryan, Ron, and Trent each spent an hour teaching on how to read and interpret the New Testament letters. In case you missed it, the audio for this Saturday Seminar, How to Study the Bible: Epistles, is now available, along with the seminar notes.

Here are links to each session, with a selection of the resources mentioned during the seminar. See the notes for more resources and an explanation how to use them.

Session 1: “Basics, Genre, Melodic Line, an Resources,” by Ryan Kelly

Hard Copy Resources for Purchase

Free Online Bibles and Study Resources

Session 2: “Asking Questions of a Text,” by Ron Giese

Session 3: “Tracing the Flow of Thought,” by Trent Hunter

  • Screen presentation for Session 3
  • Interpreting the Pauline Epistles, by Thomas R. Schreiner. Much of the material for this session was derived from this book, and specifically the chapter, “Tracing the Argument.” A Pdf copy of Schreiner’s chapter, “Tracing the Argument,” is available for free online at Schreiner’s SBTS faculty page here.

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