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May 1

New Live Recording of “Your Word”

2015 | by Trent Hunter | Category: Clarus 15

This year at Clarus we learned a new song, “Your Word,” written for the conference and recorded live. That live recording is now available at DSC’s Bandcamp page here.

Enjoy these new words based on Psalm 119, and train your heart to trust God’s Word by singing them throughout the week.

“Your Word (Psalm 119)”
By Drew Hodge

Verse 1
Let my cry come before you
Help me to understand your Word;
Let my plea come before you;
Deliver me Lord by your Word.

My lips will pour out praise
for you will teach me.


My tongue will sing your Word,
for all your words are true
all your words are true
My heart will trust you Lord
in everything you do,
everything you do.

Verse 2
Let your hand always help me
Teach me to always choose your Word;
I long for your salvation;
I have delighted in your Word.

My soul will live and praise
for you will teach me.

When I have gone astray,
seek your servant
Let me not forget your Word.

For links to lyrics, chord sheets, and audio for the songs we sing each Sunday, check out the DSC Music Blog, updated each Monday.